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Thursday 12 October 2023 at 10:58 am

Coo-ee from Chinese Australians: Echoing The Long Connections with Indigenous Communities

A report exploring the enduring connections between the Chinese Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Coo-ee from Chinese Australians: Echoing The Long Connections with Indigenous Communities
“Fusion: Bridging Cultures Through Stories” by Daisy Yui-Tung Grady and Jo Wong Hoyee

Chinese immigrants in Australia share a rich history of interaction with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. There are narratives from the Gold Rush era, with tales of Chinese settlers in Outback Australia. Early Chinese migration began in the 1850s, with Chinese people settling in many parts of Australia. Their connections with Indigenous Peoples are evident in various forms of collaboration, art history, culture, mythology, food and innovation, drawing upon individual experiences and shared stories.
“In the past months, I had the privilege to collaborate with many ACYA members, young Australians from Chinese, Aboriginal, and other backgrounds. Together, their experiences and perspectives are collected through various creative outlets, culminating in the project 'Coo-ee from Chinese Australians: Echoing the Long Connections with Indigenous Communities.' It stands as a testament to the shared history and vibrant cultures we all contribute to,” mentioned by Yinfeng (Benny) Shen, ACYA National Education Director and Project Coordinator.

Members of the working group at the Gadigal Centre, The University of Sydney

ACYA recognises the significance of the Uluru Statement of the Heart. ACYA members JiaWei (William) Miao, Wayne Foo, YiJie (Jeanie) Xu, YuQing (Crystal) Zhao, RuiQi (Ricky) Wang, ZhuoLun (Harvey) Zhang, Tamika Jervis, XingWeiAi (Bob) Fang, and Shuya (Joesephine) Zhang are part of the working group that produced this document. In this crucial moment in Australian history, we are dedicated to playing our part in achieving a lasting Makarrata that rectifies the injustices of the past. The bonds of solidarity and community between the Aboriginal Australian and Chinese-Australian communities are integral threads in the rich tapestry of this multicultural nation. This report shines a vital spotlight on the vibrant beauty of the cultures these two communities have collectively built.

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