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Friday 3 December 2021 at 12:00 am

ACELS 14 Project Team Applications

The Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) is the signature initiative of the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) and the preeminent youth dialogue for the Australia-China relationship.

ACELS 14 Project Team Applications

The Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) is the signature initiative of the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) and the preeminent youth dialogue for the Australia-China relationship. Since 2015, ACELS has brought together diverse cohorts of delegates from the Australia-China bilateral space to unite, upskill and engage a new generation of Asia-literate leaders. Every year ACELS is held once in China and once in Australia.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances of COVID, ACELS 14 will proceed as an online event, held over two weekends in January (15th & 16th Jan; and 22nd & 23rd Jan) 2022 with both in-person and online social activities in-between.

ACELS Journey: Experience as a Project Team Member – Chinese

ACELS Journey: The Hybrid Project Team – English

Connecting Emerging Australia-China Leaders

Asia Options · ACELS: The Hybrid Project Team Connecting Emerging Australia-China Leaders

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How to Apply

Applications will close on Wednesday, 6 October 2021, at 11:59 pm CST.

To apply, please email your Resume and Cover Letter to ACYA Secretary Gabriel Steger, at secretary@acya.org.au with the subject “ACELS 14 Project Team Application” and clearly stating the position(s) you wish to apply for.

Available Positions

Applications are now open for the Project Team. We are accepting applications for:

*Please note, there are NO location requirements for the above roles.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of ACELS 14. This role will be under the guidance of the ACYA National Executive. This role directly liaises with the ACYA National President on a regular basis and, together with the four director positions, makes up the ACELS project team.

  • Lead and motivate the project team;
  • Report to the National President and other Executives at regular progress meetings on the following:
  • Project budget & costs
  • Project progress and challenges
  • Innovative ways to deliver ACELS – including the proposed hybrid online/offline format
  • Status of relations with distinguished guests, speakers and/or sponsors
  • Manage the delivery of ACELS to the highest quality, where quality is an appropriate mix of:
  • Online and offline safety of all delegates
  • Meeting deadlines and staying within the budget
  • Excellence in preparing required documentation and graphics
  • Research and draft a list of potential speakers/workshop providers for the programme; and
  • Maintain oversight of all summit operational activities upon commencement.


  • Flexibility to commit to 5-10+ hours of work a week, increasing as the project dates approach;
  • Availability to execute and attend the summit on the specified dates in a managerial capacity;
  • Prior experience in the successful delivery and management of events/projects;
  • Strong interpersonal and professional communication ability;
  • Strong demonstrated ability to work in small, focused teams;
  • Demonstrated leadership experience;
  • Understanding of the ACYA brand and at least 2 years of involvement with the organisation*; and
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin*

*Optional but preferred

Contents Director

The Content Director is responsible for playing the leading role in creating, designing and curating the content of ACELS. The content should align with ACYA’s values and the theme for the summit. To this end, the content director will share regular updates with the Project Manager and the ACYA national team.

  • Curate themes and topics for webinars and hybrid online/offline events;
  • Reach out to potential speakers and be the first point of contact for VIPs;
  • Liaise with speakers and follow up in a timely manner;
  • Design, refine and test workshops, panels, masterclasses and seminars;
  • Fact check and prepare content discussions;
  • Conduct due diligence, ensure content is consistent with ACYA’s image and of the highest quality;
  • Procure ACYA and ACELS branded items and other items as required; and
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin*

*Optional but preferred

Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for managing the internal and external communications for ACELS 14, including organising ACELS 14 marketing and advertising in the lead-up to, during the summit and directly after the Summit. The Communications Director is also responsible for managing ACELS social media presence, translations, and promotional content to ensure that ACELS 14 is promoted and marketed in accordance with the ACYA brand. Given the multilingual nature of the Australia-China space, the communications director will ideally possess working proficiency in both Chinese and English (HSK 6, IELTS 7.5+). The Communications Director will report to the Project Manager regularly and work alongside other directors on the project team.

  • Curate ACELS 14 social media presence before, during, and after the summit on ACYA’s social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok;
  • Promote ACELS 14 to ensure that the summit attracts a diverse cohort of high-calibre applicants;
  • Coordinate with the ACYA translations director to ensure that ACELS 14 is linguistically accessible to all delegates; and
  • Create promotional content (e.g. videos, interviews, captions etc.) for ACELS 14.
  • Must reply promptly to all emails and online communications, especially WeChat and Facebook;
  • Demonstrated ability to be innovative and creative in ways to engage delegates, both online and offline;
  • Experience organising conferences and/or attending conferences is highly desirable but not necessary; and
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin*

*Optional but preferred

Delegates Director

The Delegates Director is responsible for overseeing the delegate application process of ACELS and ensuring a diverse range of delegates are selected who can bring unique value to the ACELS 14 cohort and contribute to discussions. This role will also require the overseeing of delegate welfare during ACELS 14, as well as liaising frequently with the ACELS 14 Project Team and ACYA National Team to assist in smooth implementation of the event.

  • Create the delegate application form and review applications;
  • Promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring delegates come from a range of backgrounds in the Australia-China space;
  • Lead an interview panel to select delegates;
  • Assess delegate scholarship applications;
  • Collate delegate FAQs and create the delegate handbook;
  • Communicate with and support delegates as the first point of contact;
  • Monitor delegate interactions and ensure a constructive and supportive environment, both online and offline;
  • Collaborate with the national team to curate delegate-focused online events and hybrid online/offline events;
  • Ensure the safety of all people present at all times; and
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin*.

*Optional but preferred

Logistics Director

The Logistics Director is responsible for ensuring that ACELS runs smoothly by organising and coordinating the day-to-day running of the conference. They are also involved in arranging other activities beyond panels and seminars, which broaden delegates’ knowledge and understanding of the Australia-China space. The Logistics Director will report to the Project Manager regularly and work alongside other directors on the project team.

  • Arrange the program and logistical requirements for online webinars and hybrid online/offline events;
  • Coordinate with the ACYA Operations Manager to ensure that the online delivery of ACELS 14 is smooth, accessible and equitable;
  • Research and organise non-seminar activities for delegates;
  • Organise the gala dinner, relevant networking opportunities and other activities within budget constraints;
  • Prepare run-sheets and timetables in collaboration with the content director;
  • Conduct partner due diligence and ensure logistics are consistent with ACYA’s image and of the highest quality; and
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin*.

*Optional but preferred


If you would like to get involved with ACELS, but do not wish to apply for a director role, please consider applying for an ACELS officer position.
Officers are expected to attend the entirety of the conference.

  • Help support directors in their respective portfolios
  • Be able to work flexibly and to assist with any portfolio when required
  • Assist in conducting due diligence on webinar platforms, speakers, delegates, finances, and media posts
  • Accompany directors in public roles such as meetings
  • Provide continued online support during the week-long conference, including
  • setting up technology,
  • greeting speakers,
  • assisting with media posts,
  • creating content for the website, and
  • being a point of contact for delegates in case of urgent questions.

Please Note

Up until the end of December, Directors will be expected to contribute approximately 5 hours per week to organising the conference. Leading up to the conference in January, it is expected that they will be able to contribute approximately 15 hours a week, as well as full availability during the entirety of the conference.

All Project Team members will need to make themselves available from 15th – 23rd January 2022, with all-day attendance required on Summit days 15th  – 16th January and 22nd – 23rd January 2022.

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