ACYA to Partner with the State Government of Victoria for ACELS Melbourne 2017

The Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) has announced it will be partnering with the Victorian Government for the 2017 Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS).

The bi-annual Summit is an initiative of the ACYA and will bring together more than 70 emerging leaders from around Australia for a 4-day professional development program.

Participants will attend seminars, panel discussions and professional development workshops centring on the Summit’s theme of ‘Connecting through Culture’.

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Educating Girls of Rural China Applications Open

In partnership with Educating Girls of Rural China, ACYA is very pleased to announce that an opportunity has arisen for two volunteers to participate in a one week English teaching program in Gansu or in Guizhou this coming Summer holiday from 3rd – 8th of August, 2017.

Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) is an organisation dedicated to providing high school and university education to promising but disadvantaged girls from rural regions in Western China. For girls from these regions in China, their opportunities are often hindered by both financial hardship and a traditional preference favouring men in the community.

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When some holidays are more equal than others | Antonia Xu

I never really know what to do with myself during Christian holidays.  I feel a little like Johnny English as I weave through the plastic pine trees and gold tinsel that seems to permeate every Sydney street during Christmas, or like a fraud when I buy Easter eggs not because I’m hiding them for children to find, but because I only had 3 dollars and would get more chocolate for my dollar than if I had bought it in a rectangle.

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How you, me, and everyone can be famous | Garry Ho

While Western technology companies gain momentum in a shift to broadcasting real-time social media, most noticeably seen in Facebook and Instagram’s livestreaming functionalities, you may be surprised to know how popular it is in China already. This internet sector, having barely existed three years ago, produced revenues of more than 30 billion yuan ($4.3 billion US) in 2016 and is predicted by investment bank China Renaissance Securities to more than triple by 2020. Just to add perspective, China’s 2016 box office ticket sales were $5.8 billion US.
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Leizhou Volunteering Program

ACYA, in conjunction with the Leizhou College Students Volunteer Association (LZCVA), is pleased to be opening applications for our 2017 Volunteering trip in Leizhou, China.
This will be a wonderful opportunity to teach English to middle school students and to experience life in regional China.
The trip will take place from the 15th to 25th July 2017, and applications are open to anyone with a passion for sharing Australian culture, the Australia-China relationship and teaching English to children in rural China.
Please fill the following to be considered for the trip:

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Dashan Chats with ACYA

CC BY-SA 3.0,

ACYA members Charlie Lyons Jones and Scott Gigante chat to Dashan – the ‘most famous foreigner in China’.

ACYA: I would like to ask you one question… “Da” (大 big) is an adjective and “Dashan” (大山 big mountain) doesn’t really sound like someone’s name, how did you come up with it?

Dashan: Dashan is my stage name. When I first started learning Chinese, my teacher gave me a regular but bookish Chinese name called “Lu Shiwei” (路世伟). But later on in 1988, when I was studying abroad at Peking University, I took part in a sketch on a TV show at a chance. The name of my character in the sketch was “Dashan”. “Dashan” is one of the hottest words in the eighties, it’s similar to the internet slang words nowadays, it was the slang word at that time. I found the name “Dashan” pretty funny, and since it’s a joke, the audience remembered the name.

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