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Saturday 1 January 2022 at 7:17 pm Resources

ACYA - Media Director

The objective of the role is to oversee active, innovative and efficient use of ACYA's social media and visual design resources to support the execution of organisational strategies and policies.

ACYA - Media Director

The Media Director is an appointed position on the ACYA National Executive and is a member of ACYA's Operations Team. The Media Director is responsible for the oversight and management of ACYA's social media channels.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee media operations in English and Chinese (social media, media releases). These channels include Instagram captions, LinkedIn texts, Facebook events, and short-form videos across a variety of platforms;
  • Lead the media team and develop the capabilities and resources of ACYA's social media and design teams;
  • Report to the Managing Director and attend National Executive meetings;
  • Develop the capabilities and resources of Chapter Media Executives;
  • Represent ACYA in public forums, when required.


  • Time commitment of ~10-15 hours/week, with at least one daily post on key channels like Instagram;
  • Ability to work well managing small teams and long-term projects;
  • Experience managing stakeholder relations and partnerships;
  • Demonstrated understanding of social media engagement and how to foster online communities;
  • Demonstrated experience in media and/or visual design (Digital Media experiences preferred)
  • (Optional but preferred) Experience managing across cultures, particularly with respect to the Australia-China relationship