ACYA-MTC Scholarship

Applications have already closed for 2015. However, please subscribe to our social media accounts to find out about Education opportunities and openings for next year.

ACYA is offering 3 scholarships to study at the National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Training Centre (NTNU MTC) during their Winter Term (Dec 1, 2015 – Feb 26, 2016).
This is a fantastic opportunity for ACYA members to continue their Chinese language studies in one of Taiwan’s most prestigious educational institutions. MTC has drawn participants from around the world, including former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
In the spirit of ACYA, studying in Taiwan will allow students unique insight into the cultural ethos of a vibrant and diverse community, as well as the opportunity to forge cross-cultural connections and contribute to the Australia-Sino relationship.
For ACYA UQ and Taipei member Jack Fisher, studying at Taiwan’s oldest and best-known Chinese language institute was a fantastic experience: “The teachers were extremely supportive and friendly. The activities organized by MTC each added something different to my learning experience – whether it be learning to row a Dragon Boat or learning how to cook Stinky Tofu… My time at MTC was nothing short of life-changing.”
The scholarship is for one semester with a waived tuition fee and will be awarded to serious students of excellence to promote the study of Mandarin Chinese. Successful applicants should also demonstrate an interest in Aus-Sino relations.

To apply:

Please send the application form, a copy of your resume and a cover letter that outlines how you meet the above criteria and how the program will benefit you to before October 10. If you are part of an ACYA chapter, please state the chapter you are a member of.

Download the application form here.

The 7 items required for the application are:
(1) One Letter of Recommendation from a Chinese instructor (Must use the MTC Scholarship Reference Form)
(2) MTC application form
(3) An original copy of the student’s most recent university transcript
(4) Financial Statement showing at least US$2,500 within the past 3 months (original only)
(5) Passport information page (photocopy acceptable)
(6) MTC Survey of student’s language background
(7) A comprehensive Study Plan, students should submit a study plan essay between 300-600 words (ie. Students should elaborate on why they are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese, why have they chosen Taiwan, how long they plan on studying, and what they hope to gain from studying at the MTC.)

About the MTC:

The Mandarin Training Center (MTC), established in 1956, is affiliated with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and is Taiwan’s oldest and best-known Chinese language institute. In cooperation with the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language, the Graduate Institute of International Sinology Studies, the Department of Applied Chinese Languages and Literature, and the Department of Chinese Language and Culture for International Students at NTNU, the MTC is recognised as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions. For more information, download the MTC brochure, visit or their Facebook page.

ACYA student testimonials:

Click to read about their adventures  in Taiwan

ACYA also has a chapter in Taipei! So keep an eye out for the launch of ACYA@Taipei’s Friday knock-off drinks & exchange evenings!!

Enquiries about the ACYA MTC Scholarship and living in Taipei should be directed to previous recipient Michaela Jenkin (

General enquiries about ACYA scholarships should be directed to the ACYA National Education Director Nathania Tangvisethpat (

Additional MTC Information

Approximate semester dates:

Fall Term: September 1-November 30
Winter Term: December 1- February 28
Spring Term: March 1- May 31
Summer Term: June 1- August 31

Full-time load equivalent:

Regular Class: 2 hours class per day, 5 days a week with compulsory supplementary language classes Intensive Class: 3 hours class per day, 5 days a week Language of instruction: English

Fields of study available:


Basic • Pronunciation and basic oral drills
• Introduction to basic Chinese characters
• Introduction to Chinese Characters
• Basic vocabulary building
• Basic composition writing
Intermediate • Business Chinese
• Comparison of cultures
• Introduction to geography, customs and culture of China
• Study of Chinese arts, legends, tales, slang, and idioms, etc.
Advanced • Study of ancient Chinese stories
• Introduction to classical Chinese
• Introduction to Chinese fiction, prose, poetry, magazines and newspapers, and contemporary Taiwanese short stories, etc.
• Study of TV news broadcast
• History of Chinese literature

CULTURAL CLASSES are also offered at an additional cost.

[cml_media_alt id='19380']calligraphy_cultural class[/cml_media_alt] [cml_media_alt id='19381']Kungfu_cultural class[/cml_media_alt]

Approximate living expenses:

The cost of living in Taipei is approximately NT$18,000 – 28,000 per month (tuition excluded).


For Short Term Accommodation see Rental Ads are also posted in the MTC office on level 7 of their building.

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