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Australia is now visa label-free with all visas recorded electronically. You can apply for a range of visas: tourist visas, work visas and student visas, at your nearest Australian Consulate or online. Before applying, you should identify the right type of visa you are applying for and check out the eligibility requirements, your obligations during your stay in Australia and the importance of complying with visa conditions.

Helpful links:

  • Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.
    • Detailed Visa options and application forms for becoming an Australian citizen. Easy to use.

The following are the most common visa options:

Tourist visa

Suits for individuals visiting Australia for a holiday, business or recreational reasons, visiting relatives or friends or for other short-term stay purposes. More information:

  • Visitor visa (Subclass 600)
    • A temporary visa allows a stay in Australia of up to three or six or 12 months. You can apply from both outside and in Australia. Cost ranges from AUD130 to AUD335
  • Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)
    • A temporary visa allows you to visit Australia as many times as you want; is valid for up to a year and allows stay up to 3 months per visit. Available for certain passport holders including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Eligible applicants can lodge an online application with a service fee of AUD20.​

Work visa

Suits for individuals visiting Australia for different kind of work purposes at different length of staying periods. Generally required for nominations by an approved Australian employer. Divided into short stay activity and long stay activity, and into different working aspects such as skilled workers, entertainment and etc. More information:

  • Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417)
    • To encourage cultural exchange and closer ties between arrangement countries, Australia allows youths (aged 18-30) to have an extended holiday supplemented by short-term employment. Up to 12 months of stay is allowed. Available for certain passport holders including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Student visa

Suited for students wishing to study in Australia and for parents, relatives or guardians of a student who is studying in Australia. There are 8 sub-classes depending on your passport country and course of study. More information:

  • Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573)
    • This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study a full-time higher education course such as study of a Bachelor degree or a Masters by coursework.



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