Alison Cheung 张翠彤 – Editor

Alison Cheung

Alison is the editor of AustraliaBites. Passionate about Asian affairs, she is an Australian ­born Chinese who was the recipient of two UNSW Confucius Institute scholarships to visit Shanghai and Xi’an. Having studied Mandarin Chinese for 10 years, she currently works as a bilingual journalist reporting on real estate. Prior to this, Alison completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New South Wales in 2014 and a Diploma of Journalism at Macleay College in 2015. Through AustraliaBites, she hopes to keep readers interested and updated about Australian and Chinese culture, and everything else in between.You can find her yapping away on Twitter here: @byalisoncct.


Tony Ng 吴瑞诚 – Writer

Tony Ng

A lover of all things whiskey related, Tony is AustraliaBites’ go­to expert for wining and dining. At the ripe old age of 19, Tony is currently studying law at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with the ambition of becoming a law officer within the defence force; failing that, a career bartender, and eventually a whiskey brand ambassador. An ardent writer, AustraliaBites is his first engagement with a publication. Born in Hong Kong, Tony decided to involve himself with ACYA to better connect with his ethnic background. With the intention of contributing to the bridging of the two cultures he has been brought up with, Chinese and Australian, Tony aims to allow readers to understand the disparity and how one may reconcile between the two.


Roydon Ng 伍启航 – News Writer

Roydon Ng

Roydon is AustraliaBites’ resident news writer. He is a freelance journalist and writer and has had success in a number of areas including political reporting, social media and community action campaigns. Roydon is completing his media & political studies at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Originally from multicultural western Sydney, Roydon takes interest in social justice and seeks to assist in bringing the local perspective to a global audience. He believes the Australia­China relationship is increasingly important for both countries not only in politics and economics, but also with cultural exchanges ­ hence ACYA’s crucial role as an intermediary. Roydon has previously researched about the “bamboo ceiling” in media and is currently writing a political policy brief on the “how the underrepresentation of ethnic minorities such as Asian-Australians can be addressed in the NSW Parliament”. Roydon was also a daily blogger during Hong Kong’s Occupy Central/Umbrella Movement protests during 2014.


Joy Chen – Writer

Joy Chen

Joy is a writer of the food and travel sections of AustraliaBites. She is a second year at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) studying law/arts and business. Born and raised in China, she has a strong interest in Sino­Australian relations and the bicultural contrast between the two nations. She has written several novels and is currently attempting publication. Find her on Twitter @joyjchen.


Delia Behr – Writer

Delia Behr

Delia first discovered Chinese language in Internet Cafes playing Counter Strike. Learning some of the more colourful words in Mandarin, she became intrigued. She went on to work on projects in Malaysian Borneo, furthering her knowledge of the diversity of Chinese culture. Passionately looking for new ways to cook tofu, Delia also works as a Copywriter for games company, Gameloft.