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How can you sponsor ACYA?

ACYA’s current sponsorship policy is based on two levels of support: Gold and Silver Sponsors.

The benefits of Gold Sponsorship include:

  • Gold Sponsors will have an exclusive marketing presence on the main page of the website (Silver Sponsors will not);
  • ACYA will limit Gold Sponsors to one company/institution from each industry;
  • Gold Sponsors’ logos will be present in all marketing materials that are ACYA related (Silver Sponsors will not);
  • ACYA will be able to assist in forwarding CVs of suitable candidates for internship/graduate opportunities;
  • ACYA will be able to assist in organising on-campus events at our respective chapters; and
  • Further tailored co-operation if beneficial for your company/organisation.

The benefits of Silver Sponsorship include:

  • ACYA will have a dedicated section in our website that your company/organisation could sponsor;
  • ACYA will be able to assist in forwarding CVs of suitable candidates for internship/graduate opportunities; and
  • ACYA Silver Sponsors will be part of a rotating ‘In Focus’ Silver Sponsor review on the main page.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact our Sponsorship Director: marshal.gu@acya.org.au.

ACE Space

ACE Space

Each of ACYA’s chapters operates an ACE Space – a weekly gathering where young Chinese and young Australians can meet to practice their language skills, offer advice, exchange ideas, watch movies and just generally to catch-up. The Australia-China Exchange Space takes many forms across the chapters, with some choosing to call it by different names, but ultimately with the same substance of promoting cross-cultural friendships and understanding. Contact your local Chapter President for information on how you can participate in your chapters ACE Space.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is a lucky country, being endowed with wide-open spaces, modern cosmopolitan cities and a slow pace of life — all of which make it an ideal place to study and to live.

To someone who has never been there before “Australia” may evoke images of bouncing kangaroos and cuddly koalas — there are a lot of kangaroos and cuddly koalas, but it is more than this. Australia is a place where a bit of ‘hard yakka’ (hard work) can lead to a better life — you get back what you put in. It’s a place of mateship and egalitarianism, where a neighbour is always willing to lend a hand, and where no one is more equal than another. In short, it’s a great place to live.

Australia is also a place with many strong educational institutions, with great vocational and university courses (please see our review Australian universities page) — not to mention courses on studying English. And the education does not stop at the classroom door. Australian cities are vibrant cultural microcosms, with a gargantuan array of festivals, museums, concerts and restaurant/bars — all these venues offer the opportunity to increase your cultural awareness and experiences. One night you can dine on the finest French-Australian fusion cuisine, another you can go to a free water festival (Melbourne’s Moomba festival for instance). Australia has it all.

So, for a chance to get a good education and to have a good time while doing so, Australia is the place to be.

For more information on studying in Australia please visit this website


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Our Chinese Universities pages will provide you with useful student perspectives of their experiences as well as impressions of the course, accommodation and student life in various Chinese universities.

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