ACE Space

Each of ACYA’s chapters operates an ACE Space – a weekly gathering where young Chinese and young Australians can meet to practice their language skills, offer advice, exchange ideas, watch movies and just generally to catch-up. The Australia-China Exchange Space takes many forms across the chapters, with some choosing to call it by different names, but ultimately with the same substance of promoting cross-cultural friendships and understanding. Contact your local Chapter President for information on how you can participate in your chapters ACE Space.


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Our Chinese Universities pages will provide you with useful student perspectives of their experiences as well as impressions of the course, accommodation and student life in various Chinese universities.

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Community Spirit

– Jeff Sheehy

I have been back in Brisbane now for a month after spending a semester studying Chinese at Peking University. It was quite a timely return I must say. I got home on the morning of January 13, just as the Brisbane River was peaking. It was quite a surreal experience. 24 hours earlier I had been waiting in a very cold Beijing for my flight home. The following day I was to find myself caked from head to toe in thick mud as a group of us helped out a friend’s place (I made sure I was the muddiest so it looked like I was doing the most work…). The generosity and community spirit was something I didn’t realise still existed in this tech-savvy world where I thought “community” didn’t really have much to do with where you lived. But alas, it did.

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