English to Chinese Translator

Wandering China is a community where authentic experiences of China can be shared. Providing opportunity to dig deeper than the surface and look beyond guidebook led interaction, cultural differences and language barriers. Wandering China cultivates an environment where readers can gain new perspectives and ideas, writers can accumulate experience and opportunities and partners can benefit through exposure and interaction. Wandering China operates as a neutral facilitator for information and idea sharing; encouraging an open-minded community. The vision of Wandering China is to enrich cross-cultural engagement and discover the intricacies of China through diverse perspectives.

Translators are central to the Wandering China ethos. As part of our team, translators provide linguistic insight to communicate cross-cultural understanding; to help Western people understand Chinese perspectives, and vice versa. Through understanding and insight gained from cultural exchange we are a bridge reaching between the East and the West.

Job type

  • Full-time translator to work in office in Shuangjing, Beijing
  • Part-time volunteer translators to work on a freelance basis


  • Working on 600-800 word WeChat articles, and 1,000 word magazine articles written by talented foreign writers on the topics of travel and culture;
  • Working with our foreign writers, you will have the opportunity to translate interviews with local people of interest;
  • Working with the Wandering China editorial team, you will have a role in shaping the long term content of the articles
  • Opportunities to write articles yourself


  • Fluent/native level English language reading skills
  • Excellent translation ability
  • Native level Chinese writing skills
  • Be able to work under pressure and towards deadlines
  • Be highly organised and rigorous in time-management
  • Know and love Chinese culture, with a passion to promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Collaborative and work in a mixed office of Chinese and foreigners
  • WeChat publishing experience is a plus

How to apply

Please login or signup here and complete the two step application process. Approval from both parties is needed to view contact details.