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Founded in February 2012 and with a readership in the thousands, ACYA AustraliaBites is an English-Chinese bilingual monthly newsletter targeted at Chinese (and other) international students in Australia that provides a snapshot of recent Australian current affairs, pop culture, and idiomatic language. It aims to provide Chinese interested in Australia and/or learning English with an enjoyable and useful way to improve their knowledge of and engage with Australian society.

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AustraliaBites Header 2012年2月创刊的《ACYA AustraliaBites》中英双语月报其内容涵盖澳洲时事,流行文化和习语表达,吸引了诸多的在澳留学生读者。《ACYA AustraliaBites》旨在提供有趣又实用的线上资讯帮助在澳留学生深入了解澳洲的社会文化。! 请点击链接查看更多刊物或预定AustraliaBites!