China is on the move! It is no secret that China’s opening up and reform of the economy to the outside world has resulted in enormous growth and opportunities. An incredibly diverse country, China offers a range of study options to satisfy anyone’s cultural, culinary or historical interests and inclinations. Students in China are treated to a unique blend of ancient and modern civilization and an incredible variety of climate, culture and landscape across China’s vast landmass. An increasingly popular destination of choice for study abroad experiences, China is safe, affordable and fun for students.

great wall

China’s meteoric rise onto the world stage politically and economically has cemented its importance in the global economy. To take advantage of the opportunities China offers, a study experience in China is a great place to start with increasing language and cultural competence.

If you’re interested in studying in China via an exchange program, remember to check your home university’s study exchange page to check which Chinese institutions your university has affiliations with. For more information on studying in China, please click here.

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