Educating Girls of Rural China

The Australia-China Youth Association aims to engage meaningfully with all sides of China. While parts of the economy are booming and hold exciting opportunities, we also look to support China’s ongoing development.

ACYA is proud to announce its latest partnership with Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC). EGRC identifies young women of great academic and leadership potential who have grown up with serious socio-economic disadvantage. EGRC raises funds to provide these girls with higher education, a support network and mentoring. This affords them the chance to become financially independent, giving them the freedom of choice to change the future for their families and ultimately, break the cycle of poverty in rural China.

The ACYAxEGRC three-tiered engagement allows our members to apply to be a part of the education of these exceptional young women through:

  1. a unique online cultural sharing and language program;
  2. fortnightly in-country meet ups for our members based in China; and
  3. summer volunteering programs in rural Gansu and Guizhou.