Meet the Team

Editor: Caitlin Hardy

Caitlin HardyCaitlin Hardy is a Melbourne based Art/Law student at Monash University and has a strong interest in Sino-Australian relations. She is undertaking study on Chinese and Australian maritime policy, as well as attempting to fine tune the Mandarin she learnt whilst a student at Nanjing University. Caitlin values the unique perspectives Australia’s neighbours can give us in the global sphere, and is an Australian delegate at the 7th University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Hanoi, Vietnam, a summit to encourage multilateral discussion between young leaders. When not studying or editing AustraliaBites, Caitlin is a volunteer tutor, a mountain climber with a travel bug, and a lover of art and live music.


Content Writer: Tony Ng 吴瑞诚Tony Ng

A lover of all things whiskey related, Tony is AustraliaBites’ go­to expert for wining and dining. At the ripe old age of 19, Tony is currently studying law at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with the ambition of becoming a law officer within the defence force; failing that, a career bartender, and eventually a whiskey brand ambassador. An ardent writer, AustraliaBites is his first engagement with a publication. Born in Hong Kong, Tony decided to involve himself with ACYA to better connect with his ethnic background. With the intention of contributing to the bridging of the two cultures he has been brought up with, Chinese and Australian, Tony aims to allow readers to understand the disparity and how one may reconcile between the two.


Courtney Lor 罗丽君 – News Writer

Courtney Lor (罗丽君) is in her final year of a Law and International Studies (Chinese) degree. She was previously the Education Director of ACYA’s Macquarie University chapter in 2014, before embarking on exchange to study law at Oxford Brookes University in the UK in 2015. Since her return, she has continued her engagement with the Australia-China space as a sub-editor of the ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs. As a former intern at the Attorney-General’s Department and Australian Law Reform Commission, she particularly enjoys looking at how Australian public policies can affect Australia-China relations politically, socially and economically. From her background in International Studies, and as an ABC herself, she is also interested in examining notions of Australian-Chinese cultural identity. She is currently an officer at the Department of Immigration, but her free time is primarily spent on Netflix, reading excellent novels, hunting for Sydney’s best burger or planning/fantasising about her next trip overseas!


Content Writer: Chris Fang

Chris Fang

Chris has lived in three different cities in Australia since 2009. During this time, he has met lots of interesting Chinese and Australian people in Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne. He used to be a mandarin teacher in Sydney for three years and this role largely increased his interest on Australia-China culture and communication. He graduated from Monash University last year, and this year is thrilled to put his knowledge and passion into practice as an AustraliaBites content writer. Chris is excited about living in Melbourne for the next few years, and immersing himself in Australian culture.


Content Writer: Andrea Au

Andrea Au

Andrea Au is a Content Writer for AustraliaBites. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. She has recently found an interest in Australian- Chinese relations upon her return from traveling, and is actively apart of the ACYA Monash Chapter. She hopes to inspire youth to take action and foster their interest in Sino-Australian relations through the power of written media. Consequently, Andrea plans to go on international exchange to further her interest in Chinese culture in the hopes to implement this knowledge through various other not for profit publications.


Content Writer: Adam Lee 李有惠

Adam Lee

As an Australian born Chinese, Adam sometimes feels as if he’s stuck between the East and the West. Instead of making a choice between the two, he celebrates and embraces the extraordinary diversity that they offer and encourages others to do the same. Adam studied Mandarin at the University of Sydney and advocates language learning because it expands a person’s horizons as they learn about art, history, theatre and much more. Through his involvement with ACYA, he is determined to reduce stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, which may arise from misunderstandings due to cultural differences.